Creation of Ta’o Nehke/Let’s Talk

One pillar of ALEF’s work is solely dedicated to peace building and conflict transformation.  ALEF’s peace building vision summarizes as follows:

“To create space for the Lebanese Youth to discover themselves, the other and their community and to act in a responsible manner.”

Every project undertaken to transform conflict, promote peace and reconciliation was a result of the predecessor program, hence the project development in this area of ALEF’s work has been gradual, step by step and based on evaluation the previous projects. ALEF started of its conflict transformation work with the creation of peace and human rights clubs at universities.

To that end ALEF first had trained university students as facilitators about the need of it. The project was called “3D – rights, duties and citizenship”. The project overall has been successful and made ALEF realize the need for reconciliation.Hence as a follow up project “YBR -Youth Building Reconciliation” was born. This project was launched specifically in areas with lots of religious, political and economic, sectarian tensions etc. To achieve the project’s goals young people from different backgrounds were put together in training for peace education, human rights and conflict transformation. During those 3-days training young people were provided with space to express them and to talk to the “others” in a first phase. During the second phase of the YBR II ALEF followed the approach of training the trainers and in a 3rd phase the participants of this project worked as role models for peace and reconciliation in their own communities. During YBR, ALEF realized through the feedback that they have received from the project’s participants that practical tools were missing. Participants lamented the fact that the project was limited to talking and theories but that there was no practical tools on conflict transformation.

As a result of this assessment, ALEF has decided in its third peace building project which is called “Responsive and Active Youth” to develop a participial toolkit  to teach conflict transformation in a youth oriented and experimental way.

A core team was formed to start the pre-project preparation phase.

Program Director: Ms. Justine Abi Saad (Jubeil)

Project Officer: Mr. Hassan Koussa (Tripoli)

Consultant: Ms. Jean Paul Chami (Beirut)

This core-team chose a group of six people to be core-volunteers.

Core-Volunteers: Ms. Sabine Sarkis (Maten), Mr. Hussien Itany (Beirut), Ms. Layla Bizri (Siada), Ms. Mira Daher (South), Ms. Vanessa Bassil (Jubeil), and Mr. Ramzi Merhej (Chouf).

The founder team was built on regional, religious, and cultural diversity.

In the pre-project phase, the founder team decided to create a practical toolkit full of fun withing a youth spirit. The idea was too vague at first, however they kept on moving on until they reached a point were everybody was convince to make this toolkit a simple game.

The core-team created the first phase on the board game and from there the creation process moved on.

The core-team started the development of the board game phase after phase and version after version.

At the end of the pre-preparation the core team agreed on a final version of the board game and chose its name:

“Ta’o Nehke” / “Let’s talk”

So Let’s Talk